Oi! Hello!

I'm Felipe, but most of the time I go by the alias “sazz”. I’ve been building software applications since 2017, and had my first contact with programming when I was 8. Everything that I know today its self-taught.

Over the years, I had the chance to work with clients such as Core das Antigas , Sagaz Club and many others, by building solutions that help their community thrive. From Discord bots to first iterations of gaming platforms.

I also led the first in-house development initiative for the ONU Colegial & Intercolegial student event, where I developed and designed applications aimed at marketing and event organization, acting as the director of the logistics team and then as a member of the communications team.

I'm a music junkie, crazy about all types of genres and in my free time, I love to watch some movies and series. I’m Interested in highly scalable technologies, DevOps, InfoSec, and entrepreneurship.