Software Engineer and Backend Developer.

Felipe Garcia (a.k.a sazz)

I’m a web developer from Salvador, Brazil. I had my first contact with programming when I was 8, but only really got into coding when I was 10. Nowadays, I'm a fast learner and proficient in TypeScript and JavaScript, focusing on backend development.

I've always been passionate about creating original and creative personal projects, which led me to develop several skills over the years. Also, I have always enjoyed participating in communities and projects with other people.

I am interested in highly scalable technologies, DevOps, InfoSec, and entrepreneurship.

Most used technologies

I love bleeding-edge technologies and frameworks! Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, as I am always tinkering with different tools.



JavaScript but with types.



Language for performant and scalable systems.


Framework for efficient server-side applications.


Fast & low overhead web framework.


Framework for production React apps.



Framework for building streamlined web apps.

Contact & Jobs

Thanks for the visit! I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to take a peek at the source code of this website, you can do so at Sazzo/

Talk to me!


I'm a freelancer! If you enjoyed what you saw here, and wants a website, discord bot, or other services. Feel free to contact me using my email or sending a DM on Discord.

Also, I'm looking for apprenticeship/"jovem aprendiz" (in portuguese) opportunities. Feel free to contact me at LinkedIn or email.